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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kathleen V. Butts (Kathy Hardy)

This was taken for a special feature in our local paper,  The Sandy Post, advertising an exhibition at The Sandy Chamber of  Commerce during the month of  February 2011.


This painting came from one of our many hikes in the Mt. Hood Wilderness area. This was a wonderful hike up from White River Glacier. I loved this fallen tree and wished I had taken more photos. These are Mackenzii River Wolves.  The original oil painting was reproduced on paper by Stephan Fine Arts Galleries, Anchorage, Alaska. They purchased, sold, and printed my work for many years. "Diversion" won the Oregon Wildlife Federation Calender, month of February 1989. My elk painting "Down From The High Country" won the cover. Sold out.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I loved working on this small tiger painting. It was published as  a giclee' print on paper by Golden Spirit Publishing. Sold out


This painting was composed from a days adventure into the back country of the Three Sisters, Broken Top is to your right. As we reached these flats, the sun just touched the tops of the  mountains. Coyotes started howling near by, what an inspiration for a painting of wolves, one of my favorite subjects.