Monday, February 15, 2010

"THE LEGACY" Giclee' Prints Available

Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist
Many years ago when I viewed Scottish castles for a commissioned painting, a particular castle gave a chill to my heart and it was not forgotten. The day finally came when I began the adventure, and as the painting progressed, for many, it revealed the legend of King Arthur. The painting was purchased before completion and the client asked me to elaborate on this extraordinary story. Truth or myth, Arthur holds us firmly in his spell.
"The legacy" Giclee' on canvas 24"X42" stretched and embellished $800.00 + shipping.  Unstretched, not embellished, $600.00 + $10.00 shipping in tube.

Giclee` prints on canvas are available.


Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist It was said, "--the castle will be reborn, honor will no longer be a word forgotten". The ancient oak yields new leaves and the wolves have returned to walk the ragged edge of survival, singing again in the glow of the setting sun. This is "The Legacy" to be remembered.


Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist
The snow leopard endures the harshest elements of all endangered cats. This elusive cat blends into the harsh landscape of rocks and snow in the scattered mountain ranges of the Himalayas north to the fringes of Siberia. I wanted the subtle warmth and cool grays permeate the mood of this peaceful and magical moment; gentle to the eye as the mother is to her cub.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist We spent a week in Valdez waiting for weather to clear so we could take a boat out to view the glaciers. It was off season and most everything was boarded up for the winter and there were not many things available to us. Everyday that we stayed was a new adventure, finding dramatic waterfalls, landscapes new to our eyes, eagles on the gravel beds of the rivers feasting on salmon. We finally gave in to the bad weather and headed north towards the Dalton Highway. Several hours later the weather cleared as we passed through this beautiful landscape. How lucky can you get!

Friday, February 12, 2010

"THE ICE BEARS" Available as resale

Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist The polar bear painting was completed many years ago and is for sale due to clients downsizing. 24"X48" oil on Linen . Today it reminds me of how their habitat is changing and how they may evolve with it.


Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist Sovereign, a Siberian Tiger in summertime, was so wonderful to paint. I loved painting the sand almost as much as I do snow. The Siberian Tiger is the largest living cat in the world, they sometimes are called the Manchurian tiger. They still roam icy, snow bound forest in the far eastern USSR and northeastern China and Korea. Their habitat is birch, scrub oak, and walnut thickets, as well as areas of deep snow cedar, and pine wood.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"THE CROSSING" Available

Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist This painting of Mt. Hood and a Rocky Mountain Elk, is available.
12"X18"  AWFrame   $1,200.00 + shipping. This painting was inspired by a hike near Mt. Hood. I do not think, I, often use this much color, but this was just so inspiring, the painting took on it's own direction, as they always seem to do.