Monday, August 9, 2010


Kathleen V. Butts(Hardy) Wildlife Artist This painting won First Place at Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show 1988: it was displayed at the CM Russell Show by invitation of another artist: then to a museum in England for a period of time and they contacted Christies and proposed my work be submitted to their upcoming auctions. Which Christies did.


Kathleen V. Butts (Hardy) Wildlife Artist
During a benefit show for Martine Colette's Wildlife Waystation (Poster Artist 1997), in the Angeles National Forest in California, the main handler brought this beautiful three year old male lion out of his compound for us to view. What an amazing cat, I was captivated.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

'IN PROGRESS" Oil on Linen 18x52

Kathleen V. Butts Wildlife Artist
Between the age of two and four, male lions leave their pride. A single male, or a set of brothers, who generally stay together for life, may become nomads, or join a coalition of nomadic males. A larger coalition is likely to maintain a higher position than a smaller one, some may include as many as nine males. They will hunt game the females may leave alone. Prime years for males is from five to nine but are the strongest and fittest between five and six. The area I have put these five males is The Etosha Pan.